Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer fun!

The summer holidays are here!  Whilst that means I have even less time to sit down to write this blog, it also means that I get to spend lots of time with my gorgeous children.  The first couple of weeks of a holiday are always hard work with The Eldest.  She needs time to chill out after being at school and I need time to help her get rid of the undesirable behaviours that she brings home from school.  I'm sure you have to do this with all children, but it seems that the Aspergers does make this worse.  So, for the first couple of weeks at least, I have to make sure that I have plenty to occupy her.

Salt Painting.
The weather has been amazing since they broke up so we have had the paddling pool out a lot and friends have had theirs out too which has been fun.  The drawing stuff is always out and the painting and sticking and cutting has been out a lot too.  On top of this we've had fun with some other stuff.  Salt Paintingwas a great hit with both children and adults in the house.  All you have to do is first "draw" a picture using white glue.  Then liberally pour salt all over it, tipping off the excess onto a tray.  Once it is liberally covered in salt, using water colour paints, gently dab the salt with paint and watch the magic as the colour spreads.

We also made delicious Rolo Brownie Bites that were very easy for the children.  We made 24 in a mini muffin pan and they were quickly gobbled up by all involved.

A trip to Finkley Down Farm in Andover was fun as always.  They have a super playground for my age children and animals to pet.  The Boy's favourite bit has to be the ride on tractors that we get to at the end.

More crafts planned next week!

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