Saturday, 13 July 2013

So we're in the house...

Feeding the 'roos on a trip to the Koala Sanctuary.
I thought I'd write a quick update on Oz life.

We made the move into our new house about a week ago and it's been total bliss to have the space again.  The children have made the most of being able to race their scooters up and down the (downstairs) corridors and seem very much at home, although we still get occasional requests to go back "to our old house".  I hope those will dissipate once their toys are in situ.

The house is a reproduction Queenslander, so most of the living space is on the first floor - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room, sitting room, kitchen and mini study.  Downstairs is the 5th bedroom, laundry, 3rd bathroom, 2nd study and a cavernous space that the children have claimed as their own.  At the moment it is mainly furnished with rented furniture, although we have already bought a couple of bits of our own (4 Acapulco chairs for the veranda for example) and the landlady has left a few bits and pieces too.  

The Baby enjoying time out on her trike
(as the older 3 disappear into the distance on their scooters)
I can't wait for our own stuff to arrive.  It's in country and has cleared customs, but we're now waiting for quarantine.  Who knows how long that will take?  As far as we're aware they haven't even set a date to inspect it which is frustrating considering it's been in the country for a week.  I think that it's arrival will help settle the children more and I can't wait to put together the playroom.  The Husband is looking forward to the rest of the kitchen equipment coming ("I don't see how they can call it fully equipped if it doesn't have ramekins!").

We tried out A&E (when The husband dropped a knife on his toe and needed it gluing) and almost made another trip there when The Baby tried to cut her finger off with a pair of scissors.  I've checked out the dentists and already managed a root canal (at vast expense) that was, astoundingly, a very good experience.  We've got to grips with the supermarkets and it does seem like there is not a lot that you can't get here.  I may even be brave enough to try their online service soon.

The new trampoline.
The Eldest and The Boy start school on Monday and I approach it with mixed emotions.  The routine will be good for them and so will the opportunity to make friends.  However, I dislike the way school encroaches into our lives, especially as our school run is going to be a long one (a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic) and I am not looking forward to the impending playground politics.  It's going to be very quiet next week!

I know that the Australians have been very sniffy about how cold it is here at the moment, but to us, newly arrived from the UK, it's beautiful!  Still very much jeans and possibly jumpers weather, but we've been able to eat plenty of meals out on the veranda during the day and the children even ventured into the pool one day.  No doubt by next winter we will have acclimatised and be whinging too!

Sunning myself on the veranda.

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