Monday, 25 June 2012

A love affair with chalkboard paint...

Chalk board painted onto the wall with magnetic chalkboard paint.
I have discovered a new love - chalkboard paint.  I love the stuff and I find that I am putting it on more and more surfaces - it's becoming a bit of an obsession...  We bought it at B&Q, although it is fairly easy stuff to find.

So far I have (inspired by Pinterest) painted a portion of the hall wall with it.  This stuff is also magnetic, so it doubles as a board to put our large collection of magnetic letters on (the numbers are still on the fridge).

"Ruler" for measuring the children's heights
I have also made this "ruler" that goes in our hallway and that I can mark the children's heights on.  It has the added advantage that I can take it with me if/when we move house.

Finally, I have put some adhesive chalk board foil (from Amazon) in the utility so that I can do extremely sad things like write my laundry schedule on them (underneath a repurposed pinboard that I covered in spotty fabric - I have a thing about spots).

I'm debating what else I can put it on that might be fun, but the most likely candidate is the inside of a kitchen cupboard so that I can write my grocery list on it (again, inspired by Pinterest).

Chalk board foil in the Utility.

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