Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Spots, Spots, Glorious Spots!

As well as a new found love for chalk board paint, I have a long standing obsession with Spots that I didn't even notice until a friend pointed out how much spotty stuff I have... 
Spotty Curtains in the Baby's room, along with a spotty throw for her bed and a spotty dog.  The fabric for this was picked up at Mason's in Abingdon.

Spotty blinds on the landing, the fabric was from Dunelm Mill.
Spotty blinds in the kitchen - expensive Cath Kidston stuff, I hadn't realised how much cheaper you could pick similar stuff up from elsewhere.

A spotty table cloth on the dining table (Dunelm Mill have PVC fabric you can get cut to length).

Spotty covers for the dining room chairs - again Dunelm Mill PVC stapled onto the WHITE cushion covers using a staple gun, to protect them from 4 children.

Spotty oven gloves and tea towel (Emma Bridgewater).

Corkboard covered in pink spotty fabric from Dunelm Mill (again, using a staple gun).

Spotty accessories for me from Emma Bridgewater!

More spots in the kitchen.

I will continue with my mission to turn the house spotty :)

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