Monday, 20 August 2012

Lego Travel Box.

I've seen a couple of DIY Lego Travel Boxes on Pinterest and thought that one would be a good addition to the Busy Bag for The Lego Mad Boy.

Lego is a bit of a firm favourite around here, not only in our house but also both Grannies have a large box for when we are there.  We have inherited a huge box from my family and we are adding to it constantly.  We were a bit short on base plates to make the box though, so I filched this broken one from The Mother In Law when we were up in Norfolk on our holidays.  The box is one that some magnetic letters came in, but as the letters are constantly stuck on our magnetic chalk board, all it was doing was hanging around gathering dust.  Just ripe for a make over.

First I used the container lid to measure how big the base plate needed to be.

Then I cut it by scoring it with a stanley knife and bending it till it broke (I'm all high tech me).

When it came to placing the board on the lid I put the lid into the box and drew around it so I knew where to place it and then stuck it on with superglue.

At EXACTLY the wrong moment, The Eldest knocked my elbow, so the plate went on a little squiffy, but this actually worked to my advantage as it makes it just a little stiffer to open and close so that it won't just fall off when it is in a bag.

Originally I was just going to put a random selection of bricks and mini figures in, but then I decided that I would put in one of his new lego sets.  It's a creator set, so you can make lots of different bits from it.  I also added a couple of extra mini-figures (some of the ones from the Ice Eggs).

And this is it all put together - there are a few more bits in the box for making other boats etc.

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out - perhaps I could continue with it by painting the box, or putting his name on it (in Lego?), but this will do for now.


  1. thats so cute, rosie :) my husband would LOVE doing this project. did you know legos are a danish invention? it stands for Play Well I think. :)

    1. Lego is fantastic stuff, we love it here!