Monday, 13 August 2012

Salt Painting.

Salt Painting was enjoyed not only by my children, but also by the adults and my 9 year old niece! It is a fairly straightforward craft - on a piece of paper, "draw" a picture using PVA glue.  Then cover liberally with salt, making sure that all of the glue is covered.  Shake the excess salt off on to a baking tray so that it can be used for more pictures.  Then, using water colour paints, gently touch the paintbrush to the salt and watch as the colour spreads along the salt.

The Eldest adds glue to her picture.
Auntie C's picture.

The Eldest's painting.

The results of our endeavours.
The pictures are most beautiful when they are wet and apparently have a tendency to flake after a while, so best to take lots of pictures of them to enjoy rather than keeping them in a memory box.

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