Wednesday, 22 August 2012

With my changing bag, I can save the world!

Or at least, child related bits of it!  My change bag has grown over time, from something very small and simple, into the behemoth that it has to be to cope with 4 very small children.  I have added stuff to it as I have been caught out on days out (a trip to the zoo with no suncream that turned into a super hot day, sudden onset of fever in children, stings and bites on walks, wet pants).

First, I have an Ouch Pouch - a quick google for my particular brand has thrown up no hits, so I don't know whether they have been discontinued.  However, any small bag would do, it's just that mine has a clear front so I can see what is in it.  Mine has insect repellant wipes, antiseptic wipes, travel sachets of calpol and nurofen for babies/children, a dosing syringe and some antihistamine cream for all those bites and stings that my children seem to get.  Plus some character plasters (because it ALWAYS feels better if Thomas, George or Peppa can be put on).

Secondly, this is what is in "my" part of the bag - a mini hairbrush, a note pad, a pen, a memory stick, a tiny penknife, some paracetamol, some sticky labels (for writing names and addresses on and sticking them on the kids on days out), a couple of sanitary pads with a spare pair of knickers, all neatly popped into a small Monkey Foot bag.  Of course, I also need my purse and phone (which doubles as a diary and address book, not to mention toy for the children) which have their own pocket.

Then we have the actual nappies - 3 BumGenius version 4 poppers, with a small monkey foot bag filled with wipes (they used to be reusable wipes, but as I like to have the bag pretty much always ready to go, I'm afraid that I now just use disposable wipes when out and about) and a large monkey foot wet bag for the wet and dirty nappies.

As well as nappies for the Baby, I also carry spare trousers and pants for The Boy and The Feral One.  Although they are both potty trained, I don't quite trust them enough yet to go out without spares...  A couple of muslins are useful for wiping up spills.  A changing mat, some hand sanitizer, a small pot of children's suncream and some CJs BUTTer (nappy cream for reusable nappies).

And a selection of snacks, healthy and otherwise (Frootz, Humzingers and penguins in this case, the snacks change depending on what I have in the cupboard) because you can guarantee that it will take you longer to do whatever it is that you are doing and you will have hungry children screaming at you.

All my stuff together:

And it all fits neatly in my DIY OnBag stylee babywearing bag.

I love my bag!

As well as the OnBag, I also have a Sugar Jacks Rebecca bag (a present from The Husband for having carried and delivered baby number 4) that is most beautiful and lovely and large enough to take all my stuff in, but is unfortunately rather heavy.  Even with it's rings for attaching to the back of a buggy, it is not easy to take it around without the buggy falling over.  So I tend not to use it too much at the moment.  It doubles neatly as a beautiful bag though, so will not go to waste and I will probably use it a bit more when I have slightly less to carry/push.

These are my latest purchases which I use ALL the time - Hamster bags.  They attach to the side of my Maclaren (Techno XT) and are very useful. I prefer them to the Phil and Teds panniers (which I also have and use) because they have an extra strap allowing them to be slung over your shoulder.

As well as the stuff that is in my bag, the Potette, Totseat and trusty Mei Tei napsack baby sling get thrown in the car or under the buggy.

On top of this, in the summer there are sun hats and light waterproofs to go in (because we all know better than to go anywhere in the UK without waterproofs), in the winter extra scarves instead.  It's rather a lot to lug around - often I just pop out without it (on school runs etc), but I am almost always caught out if I do (be it a runny nose, or an unexpected poo).

Don't even start me on my quiet/busy bag - I think that's a post for another day!

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