Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer Fun Week 4!

After the excitement of the Knights and Princesses Joint Birthday Party we decamped enmass to The Holiday House (aka The In Laws House) in rural Norfolk.

We've had a lovely quiet week - they have about twice the indoor space and 20 times the outdoor space that we have, so the children have spent most of their time just running round and exploring it.

Enjoying the outdoor space.
A trip to Bewilderwood where we got soaked in a sudden downpour,  a shopping trip to buy new shoes and school uniform, a session in the swimming pool and a trip to the beach at West Runton were our excursions.

The Eldest is 6!
We also celebrated The Eldest turning 6 (sob, where has my baby gone?!) and The Feral One decided that it was her turn to be ill (not-my-birthday-itis).  It's lovely coming here to Norfolk, Grandparents and The Husband on hand to look after the children, dogs happy to run round the garden with their dog - it's one of the rare occasions that I feel like I actually get a break at all.  If only The Baby would sleep here, it would be perfect!

The baby was quite taken with the beach.
Picnic birthday lunch.
Back to real life tomorrow for the trip home.  I can't believe how fast the summer holidays are going, only 2 and a half weeks to go and we're back to the drudgery of the school run.  A couple of weeks after The Eldest starts back, The Boy starts school and The Feral One starts preschool - eek!  What will I do with myself?!

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