Monday, 13 August 2012

Magic Milk

Magic Milk is a great activity, super fast to set up and provides hours of fun for all ages.

All you need is a saucer of milk, a few drops of food colouring, a couple of cocktail sticks and some liquid hand wash.  Drop the food colouring into the milk, dip the end of the cocktail stick into the hand wash and then gently touch the cocktail stick to the centre of the food colouring and watch the magic as the detergent breaks the surface tension and the colours spread out.

A saucer of milk with a few drops of food colouring in.

The milk moves all on it's own!

The Eldest and The Feral One play with the milk.

After a while they got bored and just started swirling, but that was fun too.
The Boy concentrating on his milk.

Worth being careful with the milk though as it's easily spilt!
We experimented with different detergents and colours whilst doing this and what I noticed was that washing up liquid had the biggest effect on the movement of the colours, but that it only worked a couple of times.  Hand wash had a smaller effect, but you could continue playing with it for longer.  Also, red food colouring always seemed to take over the saucer and drown the other colours.  I've seen people use the milk afterwards for painting, but I'm afraid that I just poured it down the sink...

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