Monday, 13 August 2012

Water blob.

I've seen several tutorials for Water Blobs around and thought they couldn't be too hard to put together. After all, they are only a bit of tarpaulin sealed with gaffer tape.

So I pulled my tarpaulin out of the shed and put tape over the holes.  

Then carefully (with the help of the Mother In Law), taped the edges together, leaving a hole for the hose to go in.  Looked good enough, so I shoved the hose in and started to fill it.  Turns out that actually it's not so easy to seal it!  No matter how much tape I put on, leaks sprung everywhere!

It wasn't really a huge issue until the water started running into the "digging area" ("I'm going into the digging area" explained The Boy, "We don't have a digging area!" I said, "We do now!") and then The Eldest filled up a watering can with muddy water from the hole and helpfully poured it all over tarpaulin...  Oh well!

The Baby wasn't too keen on it initially, but eventually had a bit of a play on it.  

The best fun seemed to come from all the water that ended up in the "digging area"...

I will give it another go, perhaps with a different tarpaulin, or wider gaffer tape and I'll let you know if I have more success!

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